Our Vision: A cohesive society in which all groups contribute to development in accordance with effective, clear and inclusive roles without discrimination or marginalization.

Our mission: Sorouh Foundation for Social Development seeks to promote social peace and active participation in accordance with fair roles that guarantee the participation of all groups through training, participation and protection.

Principles and values

Humanity ….. goes towards the highest goals

Develop ….. Look for a better future

Transparency ….. Verify the right path

Neutrality ….. confirms the universality of service


The Foundation aspires to achieve a number of goals that come first: –

  1. To promote social peace among the community with all its political and sectarian affiliations without discrimination.
  2. Active participation in protection and life-saving projects targeting the most vulnerable groups, including persons with disabilities in different governorates.
  3. To contribute effectively to the educational process through the development of programs and partnerships that are consistent with the creation of an area of ​​education for all groups, including those with disabilities in general and hearing disabilities in particular.
  4. Increase the area of ​​reference language in terms of dissemination, modernization, renewal and training for different groups of society.
  5. Participate actively in the development movement, cultural, artistic and creative.
    To create areas for training and awareness, so that the social groups can understand the rights and duties in accordance with the religion, the constitution, national laws and international conventions ratified by our country.
  6. Enabling community groups to participate effectively in all areas of development.
    To find independence in the request for funding and implementation internally and externally for all aspects of rehabilitation, social and cultural.
  7. Creating bridges of cultural and intellectual communication that increase the awareness of the target group in communication and communication with others and self-expression according to all legitimate channels and languages ​​of the world.
  8. To make an effective contribution to sensitizing the community to acceptance of differences and differences as a necessity imposed by coexistence.